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Free Kansas Bill of Sale Forms

Free Kansas Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

Kansas Vehicle Bill of Sale form is used for the purpose of either buying or selling of vehicles. This form also acts as an affidavit for the sale with the correct exchange price mentioned in the specified sections. This Bill of Sale can also be used as an transfer document only for vehicles which are older than 35 years which are considered to be Antique and such vehicles do not hold a Kansas Title in […]

Free Kansas Watercraft or Boat Bill of Sale Form

This bill of sale form is used when you are purchasing or Selling a Watercraft or Boat. A detailed description of the boat along with the details of the seller and the buyer are given. The form is limited only to the State of Kansas. The steps mentioned below shall guide you to complete filling the form. The first section explains the personal details that need to be mentioned of the seller as well as […]