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Kansas Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

Kansas Vehicle Bill of Sale form is used for the purpose of either buying or selling of vehicles. This form also acts as an affidavit for the sale with the correct exchange price mentioned in the specified sections. This Bill of Sale can also be used as an transfer document only for vehicles which are older than 35 years which are considered to be Antique and such vehicles do not hold a Kansas Title in the name of the owner/seller. If the vehicle does not fall under the clause of an Antique Vehicle this Bill of Sale would just be used as an receipt for the purchase of the said vehicle and a regular Title and Transfer registration has to be done according to the Kansas Transport Departments requirements.

To understand the procedure to fill the form, follow the steps given below.

  • Firstly, you need to fill in the affidavit which starts of with the vehicle information such as the year, make & ID #, and then you need to check of the given options and enter the information required under that checked option. After that at the bottom of the affidavit there’s a column which says “Affiant’s Certification”, you need to sign it along with mentioning your name and date.
  • Secondly, you need to fill the bill of sale form with the seller’s and buyer’s information such as; the name and full address along with the zip code.
  • Then in the next section you need to enter the vehicle information like; the year, make VIN # (Vehicle Identification Number) and followed by the purchase price and the date of the sale.
  • In this section, both, the buyer and the seller need to sign with the date. Just after that is an undertaking for “Antique Vehicle Transfer of Ownership”, which states that the seller certifies that they are the sole owner of the vehicle and reserve the right to sale or transfer of the vehicle and that the vehicle is free from all mortgages, loans, tax burdens or defects, followed by the date and the signature of the seller.

Kansas Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

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