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Artwork Bill of Sale

The Artwork Bill of Sale form is a legal document between the buyer and the seller. Here the seller is an Artist who is selling his/her artwork to the buyer. This Artwork Bill of Sale can also act as an Invoice for your sale. All of the parties included in the sale must have a copy of this Form.

Below you will find a list of Artwork Bill of Sale forms for your state or country if you do not find a Bill of Sale form for your State you may also use the General Artwork Bill of Sale Form available in the list below.


Artwork Bill of Sale Form - The following bill of sale form is used for the sole purpose of buying or selling of Artwork and is accepted in the whole of United States of America and is accepted legally by the federal law. The document contains detailed description of the Artwork making it secure for the buyer from any fraudulent activities. The instructions given below shall help you fill the form correctly. The form needs to begin with entering the date […]