Artwork Bill of Sale Form

The following bill of sale form is used for the sole purpose of buying or selling of Artwork and is accepted in the whole of United States of America and is accepted legally by the federal law. The document contains detailed description of the Artwork making it secure for the buyer from any fraudulent activities.

The instructions given below shall help you fill the form correctly.

  • The form needs to begin with entering the date on which the sale was made along with the invoice number of the same. Followed by that the details of the purchaser needs to be stated which should include the full and legal name (first, middle, last), complete address and the zip code and the telephone number.
  • This section of the form needs to be filled with complete description of the Artwork including the Title, Date, Size of the Artwork, Edition of the same and the Medium. Followed by that should be the payment description which comprises the print price, frame price, sales tax, delivery charges and the total.
  • In the final segment the form needs to be signed along with their full name by the artist confirming that the Artwork was sold in their presence and that the copyright and reproduction rights are reserved by the Artist, the buyer also needs to sign the document along with their full name confirming that they received the Artwork in good condition followed by the date on which the Artwork was received.

Artwork Bill of Sale

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