Blank Bill of Sale Form

The Blank Bill of Sale form is a general form and is only used as a format for preparing your own bill of sale forms. This form is the # 1 rated template for preparing your own Bill of Sale forms. The form contains the description of the product which is intended to be sold along with the details of the seller and buyer.

The Bill of Sale Form must be filled in accordance to the below mentioned sections.

  • The form begins with the date on which the sale is made followed by the full and legal name of the seller (first, middle, last), the dollar amount of the product and the full and legal name of the buyer (first, middle, last).
  • This section of the form should include the detailed description of the product which should contain the make of the product, year, model (manufacturer) and identification number of the product (if any). It should also include any other information which might be considered important or relevant to the description.
  • Finally in the last segment, the seller and the buyer need to mention their full name followed by their signatures and their completely address and phone numbers respectively; certifying that that information provided is true to the best of their knowledge and that the seller rightfully secured the ownership of the product and has now willingly transferred the ownership of the same to the buyer which is free from all liabilities which can be loans, mortgages, tax burdens or anything which is considered the same. It also confirms that the buyer has checked & accepts the product in the condition it is in without any warranties or guarantees.

Blank Bill of Sale Form

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