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Alabama Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

The Alabama Vehicle Bill of Sale should be used when purchasing or selling a Vehicle in the State of Alabama. The form contains the detailed description of the motor vehicle ensuring the safety of the buyer. It is recommended that you consult your attorney if you need any help or have any doubts when preparing your Bill of Sale.

Follow the instructions given below to get a clear understanding to prepare an actual form.

  • Alabama Vehicle bill of sale template begins with the mention of the dollar amount in which the vehicle is mutually agreed and sold along with the full legal name of the seller and the buyer (first, middle, last), confirming the sale of the motor vehicle.
  • This next segment consists of detailed description of the vehicle including the make, year, VIN# (vehicle identification number), odometer reading, model or series, colour, style & the title #.
  • For the sale to be sealed and accepted, a few terms and conditions are also mentioned such as the acknowledgement of the amount and confirming the transfer of the same by the given date, seller allowing the buyer a set number of days to get the vehicle inspected by an independent mechanic with an agreement to cancel the sale if unsatisfied, if the sale is not completed then seller has the rights to retain the given down payment amount to cover the costs and effort in re-advertising, the seller certifies that the reading of the odometer is true to the best of his knowledge and lastly that the seller holds complete ownership of the vehicle with the vehicle being free from all liabilities such as loans, mortgages or tax burdens and is selling the vehicle in a good and working condition.
  • In the final segment, both the parties need to sign the document along with the date and a signature plus name of a witness as well.

Alabama Vehicle Bill of Sale

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