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Delaware Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

This bill of sale is used with a purpose of purchase or sale of vehicles and is only limited to the boundaries of the State of Delaware with no legal acceptance elsewhere. The seller needs to fill the form duly along with the signature and the buyer needs to submit the form to the Delaware Department of Transportation along with the necessary documents for the legal registration of the vehicle. Please make sure the form is filled correctly or the state holds full authority to reject the same.

To fill the form in the correct manner, follow the steps given below.

This Vehicle Transfer Notification form needs to begin with the full and legal name (first, middle, last, suffix)of the seller confirming the sale of the vehicle followed by the description of the vehicle which consists the make of the vehicle, model (manufacturer), year of vehicle, VIN (vehicle identification number) & tag number.

In the next part, the full and legal name (first, middle, last, suffix) of the buyer along with complete address with the zip code, the date of sale and the selling price of the vehicle needs to be stated. After the same has been done the seller needs to attest the form with their signature and date which certifies that the vehicle is free from all liabilities and that the seller has complete rights of the vehicle and to transfer the same.

Delaware Vehicle Bill of Sale

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