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Firearm Bill of Sale Form

The Firearm Bill of Sale can be used when buying or selling an Firearm, there are specific terms under which a firearm can be sold. The buyer must not be restricted or forbidden by law to own a firearm, he must have not been convicted in any court of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding 1 year, he must not be a fugitive from justice and few other terms which are mentioned in the Bill of Sale for firearm template. The by maintaining this bill of sale the seller also clearly states that he is not responsible for any damages incurred or caused by the use of the firearm which is sold.

Firearm Bill of Sale Form is required to legally bind the sale or purchase of a Firearm. It is an agreement between the two parties mentioning all their details along with Firearm specific details mentioned on the same. The sole purpose of this form is to make sure that no illegal transfer or sale of Firearm is in practice. However, the Law for Firearms changes from state-to-state.

Firstly please mention the buyer’s and the Seller’s personal details such as; Full Name & Complete Mailing Address.

Then enter the full description of the Firearm that is to be transferred from the seller to the buyer. To be specific following information must be given; Caliber, Make, Model, Serial Number and any other information that needs to be known.

After the details are filled please fill in the payment details such as the sale amount in words and otherwise, the payment mode.

In the next section you need to mention the condition of the Firearm and point out any defects in the Firearm.

Here, you need to mention any additional mutually agreed terms or conditions apart from the ones mentioned in the bill of sale along with the signatures of both the parties in the next segment followed by the signatures of two witnesses.

The “Notary Public” section does not require any of the parties to do fill anything. A Notary Public shall be required to fill in the necessary details along with an official seal indemnifying that the process of buying and selling of the given Firearm is legal and authorised by him/her.

Lastly, both the parties need to acknowledge the declaration verifying that the transfer of the Firearm is legal and is not in violation in any way, with their initials before each statement.

The template below is a general template which may be used in all states but if the state has some specific laws and terms to be amended in the bill of sale it must be added before executing the sale. Please consult an attorney before using the template.

Firearm Bill of Sale Form

Firearm Bill of Sale Form

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