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Idaho Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

Idaho Vehicle Bill of Sale form is used during the purchase or sale of Vehicles. For the legal transfer of the ownership of the vehicle to the buyer, this form needs to be submitted to the Department of Transportation in the State of Idaho. This form is only used with the boundary limits of the state.

The following steps are illustrated to assist you fill the form correctly.

  • The first column needs to be carefully filled with the Vehicle or Hull Identification Number, Title Number, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN #), Weight, Full Length & Width, Vehicle Year, Vehicle Model & Description, followed by the Brands and the Odometer Reading.
  • In the next column, the seller needs to provide, full name and complete address with the zip code, day time phone number, true selling price and the sale date. The buyer needs to provide, full name, Idaho Driver’s License or SSN, Physical Address with the zip code & the day time phone number.
  • In the third column, the new lienholder’s name or none needs to be mentioned along with the address and zip code.
  • The seller then needs to sign below the undertaking which certifies that the odometer reading given and the brands associated with the vehicle and any other information provided on this form are true. And the buyer needs to sign below the undertaking which states that odometer certification made by the seller and the disclosure of all the brands or any other information mentioned on the form are all known to the buyer.

Idaho Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

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