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Iowa Bill of Sale Form

The Iowa Bill of Sale form is of use for the procurement or sale of a vehicle. The form needs to be filled in Ink and can only be used within the state of Iowa. The form also needs to be notarized before submission.  It is self-explanatory, is easy to fill and is more of like a receipt. But be aware as it is also considered or equivalent to a legal document or agreement.

Guidelines mentioned below shall help you fill the same.

Firstly you need to start off by entering the seller’s full name along with the details of the vehicle. The details of the vehicle that needs to be transferred should contain the make of the vehicle, the year in which the vehicle was purchased originally & the VIN # (Vehicle Identification Number) of the vehicle.

Next, you also need to enter the full name as it would be on a legal document, followed by the amount in dollars in which the vehicle is sold along with the date on which the sale took place. After which the seller needs to sign the form.

There is a note on the form stating “Your county treasurer may require this form to be notarized. Please contact your county treasurer before submitting this document.” Because of which you also need to get the form notarized by the Notary Public along with the date on which it is done and their signature and seal at the very end of this form.

Iowa Bill of Sale

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