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Kentucky Generic Bill of Sale Form

Kentucky Generic bill of sale form can be used for the purpose of buying or selling a vehicle in the state of Kentucky. This bill of sale form is a generic form and is not limited just to its state and can be used across the country unless a given state has a specific form required. This form is prepared during the sale to make sure the process is being legalised and both the parties are secured from any kind of frauds. Although the Bill of Sale would not be required for the Title Transfer or Registration of a vehicle it is an important document if incase any disputes arises.

Below mentioned are the steps to correctly fill the form.

  • Firstly you need to begin the form by mentioning the date of sale / delivery and proceed to the next step of filling the details of the seller and then buyer; which should include the name, DL# and the full address.
  • Next you need to thoroughly enter the description of the vehicle which must contain the year, make, model, colour, VIN # (Vehicle Identification Number), state title #, engine size and odometer reading.
  • Thirdly, do ensure to mention the damages or warranties to the vehicle, if any, under the “Damage Disclosure & warranty” undertaking.
  • The following section explains that the seller has full authority to sell the vehicle and transfer the title to the buyer; it also states that the vehicle is free from all mortgages, loans, tax burden, etc.
  • Lastly, in the following section the buyer and seller need to sign the form along with the date.  This form also needs to be notarized after the signatures of both the parties have been inked.

Kentucky Generic Bill of Sale Form

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