Maine Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

The following bill of sale form is used when the sale of a vehicle is taking place in the state of Maine as security measures and needs to be filled and signed by both the parties. The bill of sale is only limited to the state of Maine. This bill of sale form is also termed as a legal document for the transfer of the vehicle.

Please make sure you fill the form correctly, as shown below to avoid discrepancies.

  • Firstly, please mention the name of the seller along with their complete address and the mutually agreed amount of the vehicle in dollars with the date on which the transfer is being done. Then continue it with the full name of the buyer and his address in full.
  • Secondly, please describe the vehicle by giving out the following information; make, model, year, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN #), Odometer Reading (in miles) & Body Type.
  • The seller shall disclose the odometer reading (in miles) at the time of the transfer which reflects the actual mileage, following it with the total purchase price of the vehicle in dollars.
  • Lastly in a few clauses, the Seller assures the buyer that the seller is the legal owner of the vehicle and has the full authority to seal the transfer, the vehicle good and marketable title, the vehicle is free from all loans, successors, heirs, interests, and claims, the seller also confirms that all the information mentioned on the form are true to the best of their knowledge.
  • Towards the end of the form an just below the undertaking, please enter your and your seller’s signature to seal the deal.

Maine Vehicle Bill of Sale

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