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Missouri Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

The Missouri Vehicle Bill of Sale form is filled in an event when an individual wishes to buy or sell their vehicle in the state of Missouri. This document also needs to be notarized when showing proof of ownership on major component parts of a rebuilt vehicle or when specifically requested to be notarized by the department of revenue. After filling in the details, the document can either be mailed to Motor Vehicle Bureau:  P.O. Box 100, Jefferson City, MO 65105 or you can also email the form to

Below mentioned instructions shall help you fill the form with ease.

  • Begin the form with complete details of the buyer and the seller respectively. These details should include the full and legal name (first, middle, last), complete address with the city, state and the zip code.
  • After that, provide the details of the vehicle at sale. If it is a motor vehicle then its Year, Make, Title Number, Vehicle Identification Number, Sale Date and Sale Price. If the vehicle is sold in an even-trade then provide the details of the product that was taken in exchange. These details must include the Year, Make, Title Number, Vessel / vehicle / motor Identification Number, Horsepower, Sale Date & Sale Price (details may vary depending the vehicle, fill the details accordingly.).
  • Lastly, the document must be signed by the buyer and the seller certifying that the aforementioned details are true to the best of their knowledge. Also choose if the vehicle is being purchased for destruction or not. This document must be notarized by the Notary Public.

Missouri Bill of Sale

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