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Montana Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

This bill of sale form can only be used within the state of Montana for the sole purpose of the purchase or sale of a vehicle. This form is in every way a legal agreement between both the parties and if failed abide the same; any suitable legal action can be taken. Please make sure the form is completed in its entirety as the state itself has the right to reject any form if found incomplete or altered.

Please read carefully the instructions given below which shall assist you to fill the form.

  • Begin the form by mentioning the total sale amount received in dollars, first in words and then in numeric form. Next you have to mention the name of the buyer along with the “DL/FEIN/Tribal ID/Corp ID” and followed by the complete address.
  • Do ensure to mention the complete and correct details of the vehicle which should consist the year, make, model, style, vehicle / hull identification number and license number. You also need to check one of the options for “Salvage Vehicle” & “Sold for parts only”.
  • Thirdly, you need to choose one of the two options for “I certify that I am the lawful owner of vehicle/ vessel described above and that” and if you choose the second option then please make sure you also mention the secured party’s name and full address.
  • Lastly, the bill of sale form needs to be signed by the seller along with the date and their full name below the undertaking, which says that the seller certifies that they have the complete right to sell the described vehicle and defend the title against the claims and demands of all persons except the secured party noted above, if any.
  • Keep in mind that for further assistance a few phone numbers are also mentioned on the top of the form.

Montana Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

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