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North Carolina Vessel Bill of Sale Form

The North Carolina Vessel bill of sale form is to be used when you intend to purchase or sell a vessel in the state of North Carolina. This form has been created for use when selling a non-titled vessel. This form is limited to the boundaries of the state. If you have any issues regarding selling the vessel, call: 800-628-3773.

Instructions given below shall guide you to fill the form correctly.

  • Begin the form with a detailed description of the vessel which must include the 8-digit Vessel Registration Number, manufacturer of the vessel, model, year, North Carolina title number (if applicable) and hull identification number.
  • Then fill in the declaration with the full and legal name of the seller (first, middle, last) followed by the full name of the second seller (if applicable) and then the full and legal name of the buyer along with the second buyer (if applicable) and the dollar amount that is mutually agreed for the sale of the vessel.
  • Lastly, the seller needs to sign the document confirming the sale and that the details mentioned above are true to the best of their knowledge. This document is also required to be notarized by the Notary Public for it to be considered legal.

North Carolina Vessel Bill of Sale

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