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Wyoming Standard Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

The Wyoming Standard Motor Vehicle bill of Sale form is used when any individual making a decision to buy or sell a motor vehicle in the state of Wyoming to secure the deal. The use of this form is highly necessary to document the details of the sale. This form is a generic bill of sale template, which complies with the state specifications, it can be  modified as per the terms and conditions of the sale and be used in any country in the state of Wyoming.

Below are some instructions which might help you to fill the form correctly

  • Begin the form by providing the mutually agreed sale amount followed by the full and legal name (first, middle, last) of the seller and then of the buyer too, acknowledging the sale of the motor vehicle.
  • Next, provide complete details of the vehicle such as; Make of the motor vehicle, year, VIN # (vehicle identification number), odometer reading, model or series, color of the motor vehicle, style and title number.
  • In the following section, the terms and conditions of the sale are mentioned. These include an acknowledgement of the dollar amount received as down payment along with the days within which the title transfer shall take effect, grant of (given) days for the inspection of the vehicle by an independent mechanic and that the seller agrees to the cancellation of the deal if found unsatisfactory but the amount received as down payment shall be withheld by the seller to cover costs and effort in re-advertising. It also states that the seller confirms that they hold complete rights of ownership of the aforesaid vehicle, the details provided above including the odometer reading are true to the best of their knowledge, it is in good and working condition and that the motor vehicle is free from all loans, mortgages, tax burdens, etc.
  • Lastly, the document needs to be dated and signed by both, the seller and the buyer followed by the name and signature of a witness.

Wyoming Standard Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale

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