Alaska Affidavit of Boat Ownership Form

This Affidavit can only be used to prove the ownership of the boat and is limited to the state of Alaska. This form is considered as an important aspect of registration as it is one of the required documents during the process of registration.

The pointers given below shall guide you to understand and fill the form correctly

  • Begin the form by describing the boat in detail which shall help in the identification process. These details should include the Hull Identification Number (HIN #), Model year or year completed, make of the boat and model of the boat.
  • In the next segment, provide the full and legal name of the owner (first, middle, last) followed by the date on which the boat was purchased acknowledging your ownership.
  • Then choose the manner in which the boat was purchased from the following options: Dealership – New, I built the boat, Dealership – Used, Garage Sale, Newspaper Advertisement, Gift or if there is any Other manner then provide the same followed by the person or company it was purchased from.
  • This affidavit in the end needs to be signed by the owner certifying that the details provided above are true to the best of their knowledge.

Alaska Affidavit of Boat Ownership

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