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Arizona Watercraft Bill of Sale Form

The Arizona watercraft bill of sale form is used when the rightful owner of a watercraft decides to transfer the ownership of the same to a third party buyer. This form has to be filled in ‘BOLD’ letters and any queries regarding the transfer must be forwarded to the ARIZONA GAME AND FISH DEPARTMENT; 5000 WEST CAREFREE HIGHWAY, PHOENIX, ARIZONA – 85086.

Below mentioned instructions shall help you fill the form correctly.

  • Begin the form with the date on which the form is being filled followed by the details about the seller, buyer & the watercraft.
  • The sellers details must include their full and legal name (first, middle, last) along with their complete address with city, state and their zip code.
  • The information regarding the buyer must also include the same details the full name and their complete address and in the last section the watercraft must be described.
  • This should include the manufacturer (if known), Hull Identification Number (HIN#), Registration Number, which state it was issued by, the year it was built, length of the watercraft (feet & inches), the price at which it was purchased and the amount that was paid as sales tax.
  • After that, the document must be dated & signed by the seller certifying the aforementioned details and confirming the sale.

Arizona Watercraft Bill of Sale Form

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