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Florida Vehicle, Mobile Home, Vessel Bill of Sale Form

This bill of sale form is used for the buying or selling of either motor vehicle, mobile home or a vessel within the State of Florida which is also limited to the boundaries of the given state. The buyer has to submit this form filled by the seller to the Division of Motor Vehicles, Florida. Till the time this form is not submitted the transfer of ownership of the vehicle will not be considered legal.

The procedure stated below shall assist you in filling up the form.

  • The form is initiated with the following details of the motor vehicle, mobile home, off-highway or vessel which should include the year of the same, make / manufacturer, body type, model, colour, certificate of title number and Identification number. Follow it with the full legal name of the purchaser along with the complete address with the zip code, date of sale and the selling price.
  • The second section ‘odometer disclosure statement (required for a motor vehicle)’ contains the following details; the odometer reading along with the date on which it was read and checking either of the boxes which read “the odometer reading reflects that amount of mileage in excess of its mechanical limits. OR the odometer reading is not the actual mileage” certifying the same.
  • Lastly in the third section, the declaration confirming the ownership of the details mentioned above needs to be signed by the seller, co-seller (if applicable) & the buyer along with their full legal names and complete addresses.

Florida Vehicle, Mobile Home, Vessel Bill of Sale

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