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Florida Vessel Bill of Sale Form

The Florida Vessel bill of sale form is filled and used when the legal owner of a vessel wishes to transfer the ownership rights of a vessel to someone else in the state of Florida.

Follow the steps given below to understand and fill the form correctly.

  • Begin the bill of sale form with the full and legal name of the seller followed by the date on which the form is being signed. Then provide the details of the vessel which shall be of assistance in identifying the same.
  • These details must include Vessel Number, Hull Identification Number (HUL#), make of the vessel, year of the vessel, length, propelled by (outboard, inboard, sail, etc) followed by the full and legal name of the buyer (first, middle, last) and the Value of the Boat, Value of the Motor and Value of the Trailer in dollars.
  • Next, an undertaking which certifies that the vessel is rightfully owned by the seller and that the vessel is free from all loans, debts, tax burdens, etc. is also stated. After that, if the vessel has not been registered or titled then the seller has to provide the duration for which the vessel has been owned and the reason for which the vessel has not been registered or titled.
  •  A notice is also given stating that if a vessel is purchased without registration, then this bill of sale only gives a temporary authority of 30 days, to be in waters of the state of Florida.
  • If the vessel is purchased in a package deal then the seller needs to provide the information about the trailer as well which must include the year, make, empty weight, sellers tag number(if available) and ID # (if any).
  • Lastly, the document also needs to be signed by both the parties followed by the complete address of the purchaser certifying that the aforementioned details are true to the best of our knowledge.

Florida Vessel Bill of Sale

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