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Aircraft Bill of Sale Form

The following bill of sale is and can only be used for the purpose of purchase or sale of an Aircraft within the boundary limits of the United States of America and is accepted as legal across the country.

  • The form begins with the Aircraft Manufacturer and model and Aircraft Serial Number, along with the preparation of the same stating that the form can be written / typed or printed but needs to be signed with ink followed by the fee incurred to the issue a certificate of aircraft registration, conditional sales contract, etc. and that the form needs to be mailed to the FAA aircraft registration branch mentioned before that.
  • This next segment needs to be filled with the full and legal name of the buyer (last, first, middle, initial) and the complete address along with the zip code followed by the full and legal name of the seller (last, first & middle initial) along with the complete address and zip code. The dealer certificate number along with the signature and the date of the seller and a witness needs to be mentioned between the details of the seller and buyer.
  • In the last section, the form describes in absolute detail, the ‘PRIVACY ACT OF 1974 (PL 93-579)’’which is of great importance and needs to be referred. By signing this document the seller confirms that they were entitled with complete ownership of the Aircraft and was free from liabilities such as loans, mortgages, tax burdens etc. during the transfer and that the Aircraft is now a property of the buyer and they hold all the rights for the same. The buyer also confirms that they have checked the Aircraft and have taken the possession in the condition as it is.

Alaska Aircraft Bill of Sale

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