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Illinois Bill of Sale of Personal Property Form

Illinois Bill of Sale of personal property form is used for buying and selling a personal property which is of the value along with the warranty and legally belonging to you, in addition you should also own the rights to sell it to the buyer. This form is only limited within the state of Illinois and holds a legal stature in the state too.

The steps or guidelines given below shall help you fill the form with ease.

  • Firstly you need to state the county in which the property lies.
  • Then the undertaking mentioned below needs to be duly filled with all the necessary details asked for, which includes the full and original name of the seller followed by the complete address with the zip code and then the county, the dollar amount received in words and numerically.
  • After that the full name of the buyer needs to be mentioned along with their complete address and the zip code plus the county and state, who are the successors of the aforesaid property followed by a brief description of the property.
  • The next undertaking states that the seller of the property is the lawful owner of the same and that they hold every right to transfer the rights. The seller also certifies that the property is free from all tax burdens, security arrangements, loans, mortgages, claims, demands, and charges or every kind. Just below the undertaking, the date from which the transfer is effective needs to be mentioned. Followed by the date on which the bill of sale is executed.
  • Lastly, the seller along with a witness needs to sign the form and also mention their full names.
  • The next section is an acknowledgement of the notary which states the name of the county, the name of the seller, the date on which it is notarized along with the Notarial Seal, their signature & full name.

Illinois Bill of Sale of Personal Property

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