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Illinois Junk Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

The following bill of sale is used for the sole purpose of purchase or sale of junk vehicle in the state of Illinois. The form described below needs to be duly filled and submitted to the Secretary of State, Vehicle Services Department in the state of Illinois for a legalized transfer of the given junk vehicle to the buyer. This form is widely accepted by the law and is also the certificate of final disposition and after that only a Junking Certificate is issued.

The information mentioned below assists you to fill the form without facing any inconvenience.

  • In the first section, the details of the seller along with the junk vehicle needs to be mentioned and should include their full name, full address with the zip code, followed by the buyers full name and then the details of the vehicle consisting of the year of purchase, make, model of the vehicle, VIN # (Vehicle Identification Number) and finally the mutually agreed dollar amount.
  • The next undertaking states that the seller is the legal owner of the vehicle with the Certificate of Title has been lost and that the vehicle has no outstanding dues or is free from all mortgages, tax burdens and loans.
  • In the final segment the owner or the seller needs to attest the form with his signature followed by the signature of the purchaser and then the date.

Illinois Junk Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

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