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Maryland Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

When you plan to buy a motor vehicle it is of utmost importance that you prepare a bill of sale form for the same as well to transfer the vehicle legally from one owner to the other. As per the procedure the form needs to be duly filled, notarized and submitted to the motor vehicle administration department in Maryland. For more help on preparing the form you can also speak to them on direct number: 1800-950-1MVA(1682).

To be certain in preparing the bill of sale form, please follow the instructions given below

  • You need to firstly describe the vehicle which is on sale by giving the details such as year, make, model, body style & Vehicle Identification Number (VIN #) along with the buyer’s full name and the mutually agreed amount of the vehicle in dollars.
  • After that, please mention the reading of the Odometer and check either of the boxes which states; the mileage is in excess of its mechanical limits OR the odometer reading is not the actual mileage.
  • In the next section, please mention the exact date when the deal is being sealed along with the signature and the full name of the buyer and the seller. In the column below it you need to notarize the form with the date, notary’s signature and the name of the notary along with the seal.  The same notary can notarize for the other party as well, you do not require two different notary for that.
  • There are phone numbers mentioned at the bottom of the page as well for more assistance in regards to the form.

Maryland Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

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