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Massachusetts Motorcycle Bill of Sale Form

The form which assists you in keeping a track of the sale of any type is the bill of sale form. Here this form is certainly of help to you as when you are selling a vehicle or to be specific a motorbike, a documentation is very necessary for the well-being of both the parties. The form is limited to only the State of Massachusetts and its people.

The form contains the following information which needs to be correctly filled.

  • Firstly an acknowledgement of the amount mutually agreed upon which is also used as a receipt.
  • The next point asks for the name of the seller and then the buyer along with the details of the motorcycle. The details should include Make, Model, Colour, Year, Odometer statement and its reading.
  • After that you need to check one of the following points; Actual mileage, the amount exceeds the actual limits of the odometer or not actual mileage. You need to continue by entering the engine number, vehicle identification number and vehicle registration number.
  • The statement below the last point states clarifies that the seller is the rightful owner of the motorcycle and that the vehicle is free from all claims and taxes and that the seller has the complete authority to make the sale. It also confirms that the seller shall indemnify the buyer if any issue arises in future related to the same.
  • Lastly, you need to mention the state where the sale took place, the signature and the name and the address of the seller along with the buyer.

Massachusetts Motorcycle Bill of Sale Form

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