Minnesota IBM Storage Equipment Bill of Sale Form

The following Bill of Sale form is used for any kind of purchase or sale of IBM Storage Equipment in the state of Minnesota and can / should only be used within the state of Minnesota.

The bill of sale form has the following pointers mentioned for safety of both the parties and smooth transaction.

The form is initiated with the agreement number and date along with the amount agreed for the sale and the fact that the sole rights of the product now belong to the buyer.

Then it is followed by a warranty that the title of the equipment is represented by the seller and clear of all promises, loans, interests or charges.

The next point covers the fact that the buyer or the purchaser shall be entitled to take care of the transportation of the product after the physical possession is transferred to the buyer and any damage that takes place or any cost incurred for the transportation at “Hennepin County Government Center and Washington Avenue Data Center, Minneapolis”, Minnesota, shall be taken care by the buyer and the seller is in no way responsible for the same.

The third point states that the date on which the equipment shall be available for removal and that it needs to be handled with care whilst doing the same.

Subsequently, the form states that any taxes occurring after the sale of the product shall be borne by the buyer and that the buyer shall provide the seller with the sale tax exemption certificate and any other documents required by the government.

The fifth clause states that the buyer agrees with the amount quoted by the seller and that they need to make the payment in full before the removal of the product.

Then the form clearly mentions that either of the parties may pursue any remedy available by law in case of failure to abide the terms and conditions of this agreement.

The sixth point states that this agreement is governed and made in accordance with the laws of the state of Minnesota.

Lastly, it is followed by the signature of authorized officer of the seller in the presence of a witness.

Minnesota ibm storage equipment bill of sale form

Minnesota ibm storage equipment bill of sale form

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