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Minnesota Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

Download and use this form when you are purchasing or selling a Motor Vehicle in the State of Minnesota. This form is a generic bill of sale template, which complies with the state of Minnesota specifications.

Steps to Fill this Bill of Sale Form

Firstly, it contains the details of the transaction such as the amount of the sale along with the full names of the buyer and seller making it the receipt.

Then it points out the details of the vehicle which includes the Make, year, VIN (vehicle identification number) #, odometer reading, model of the vehicle, colour, style, title #.

Thirdly, it states every term and / or condition either stated by the government or the individual parties for the smooth and documented sale. The terms generally include; acknowledgement of the payment mode and its acceptance, grace period for the verification of the vehicle by an independent mechanic and cancellation of the sale if found unsatisfactory, acceptance of the clause that if the sale is not completed then the seller shall recover a specific amount for re-advertising, it also includes the confirmation by the seller that the odometer reading mentioned is true and has not been tampered or altered, the seller has a clear title and reputation in the market and has the full authority to make this sale and finally it states that the seller has no knowledge of any hidden damage to the vehicle and is being sold in the best of the condition.

Lastly the bill of sale needs to be duly signed by the buyer and seller along with the name and signature of a witness.

Minnesota Vehicle Bill of Sale

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