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Michigan Abandoned Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

The following bill of form is used by the Michigan custodian or police or towing agency for the sale of abandoned vehicles. The current form is only valid in the state of Michigan. The use of form is applicable to only those vehicles which do not have a rightful owner. Please make sure you read the instructions mentioned in the end of form before you begin.

The form needs to be filled correctly in a specific format as mentioned below.

  • The form needs to be initiated with complete information of the vehicle at sale, i.e., year, make, VIN# (Vehicle Identification Number), Model, Style, Plate Number & State, Plate Exp. & Year and Date on which the vehicle was taken into custody.
  • The next point covers the details of the towing / custodian / police department or agency. The information includes; the name, full address, phone number, the reason for the request.
  • The third section consists complete information of the law enforcement agency which includes the name, full address and telephone number.
  • The following section is where you need to choose one of the following two options; subject to public auction or released to a scrap metal processor.
  • The next statement is an undertaking which notes that the information mentioned on the form are correct followed by the signature of the company along with its name and date.
  • The next block needs to be left blank as it is for “internal use only” as mentioned.
  • After that towards the end of the form an instruction sheet is printed for your information before filling the form along with the mailing address, where the same needs to be sent.

Michigan Abandoned Vehicle Bill of Sale

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