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Michigan Bill of Sale Form

The current bill of sale form is used for the purchase or sale of a vehicle in the state of Michigan only. It must be accurately filled by the buyer as well as the seller. The boundary of the form lies within the state of Michigan. It is used to safeguard the interest of the buyer and the seller.

Please follow the instructions mentioned below on how to fill the form.

  • The form needs to be initiated with the full name of the seller along with checking one of the following options; Non-titled trailer, Non-titled watercraft or snowmobile.
  • Then please make sure you fill in the following details correctly and carefully which describe the product. You need to fill in the year, the make of the product, the serial number, registration number, the year of last decal and the date of sale.
  • The next point covers the complete information of the buyer including the full name along with the full address comprising of the street address, the city, state and the zip code.
  • Thirdly, you need to mention the seller’s information which should include the selling price (in dollars), signature of the seller followed by the seller’s full address compiling the street, city, state and zip code.
  • You will also see a statement which says [Trailers and trailer coaches must have the previous registration attached for the weight or have the weight certified by a weigh master (commercial scales)], needs to be abided and in case if it is being certified by a weigh master then the following information needs to be given; Empty scale weight, business name, signature of the weigh master & the business address.

Michigan Bill of Sale Form

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